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Snip N' Chip
Improve Your Cat's Life... While Saving Other Cats...
With A Simple Snip N' Chip

Rarely can you do what's best for your own cat while at the same time help reduce the number of homeless cats.  With our Snip N' Chip two-step approach you can.

Step 1.  Sterilize your cats Sterilized cats make better pets -- no longer fighting, yowling or spraying.  They live longer, healthier lives -- spayed females don't develop uterine or ovarian cancer, have less risk of breast cancer and, with hormones checked, become more affectionate companions.

If you delay or decide not to sterilize your cats, you risk their having or causing a litter.  Even if you find homes for the kittens, this is still a problem because of cat overpopulation.  Each kitten you adopt out will result in one more homeless cat euthanasia.

You can prevent this by sterilizing your cats -- the younger the better -- ideally when they are about 3 months old and weigh about 3 pounds.

Step 2.  Microchip your cats No matter how careful you are with your pets, they can still get lost.  Today, vets can safely implant a tiny microchip -- about the size of a grain of rice -- into the rear neck of your cat.  This microchip contains a unique ID number that can later be read with a scanner to link them to you.

If a lost cat is taken to a shelter with a microchip, the odds are virtually certain they'll be returned regardless of how long they have been lost.  Without a microchip, the odds drop to about 1 in 20.  Most shelters -- including our local animal control shelters -- routinely scan for microchips on intake.

No other form of ID is this effective.  Microchipping is safe, easy and the most proven way to identify lost cats.  Microchips save lost cats' lives!

These two steps -- sterilization coupled with microchipping -- will keep your cats healthy and safe -- and at the same time reduce the number of homeless cat euthanasias.  Won't you help all cats by getting your cats snipped and chipped?

Our Snip N' Chip Program

We believe this is so important that, for those that want to do the "right thing" but don't have the income to do so, we'll pay the entire cost to sterilize -- and vaccinate one time for rabies and distemper -- qualified cats.  If you microchip a cat sterilized through our program you can apply for a $25 rebate off the price of the microchip.  Here's how it works:

Eligibility Indoor cats, living in much of southeastern Michigan (see map), whose families have annual incomes of under $40,000 may qualify for funding.

Commitment. Participants must have a lifelong dedication to their cats -- keeping them indoors and providing love, food, and water.

Procedure. To receive vouchers, call us or print out an application.  After you've returned it and it's approved, we'll mail you a veterinary voucher for each cat covering the full cost to spay or neuter and vaccinate one time for rabies and distemper.  Vouchers are good for 30 days.  If you microchip and register your cat at the time of neutering, we can rebate up to $25 of the cost.  Continued participation requires ongoing compliance with the program.

Our Spay/Neuter Programs

Our TNR Program is open to managed outdoor cats living within our service area (see map).  It's purpose is to create a network of kitten-free zones -- individual plots of land that caring members of our community manage and maintain as "kitten-free".  Linked together, these non-reproducing colonies will eventually end the community's reliance on homeless cat euthanasia as the primary means of controlling our cat population. 

Our Snip N'Chip Program is open to indoor pet cats of limited-income families who have a long-term commitment to their cats but cannot afford to sterilize them.  We pay the entire cost.  These unsterilized pet cats are the second largest contributor to our current over-population -- each kitten born contributing, directly or indirectly, to the death of one more homeless cat.  Please get your cats sterilized.

These programs may be changed or canceled without notice at our sole discretion.

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